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About Me

honesty, noun: truthfulness, sincerity or frankness

Artist Wendy Wagner

I draw and paint people & things.


"Introspective" is how I would describe my work: Tactile, Sensitive, Reflective.

I am inspired by interactions with people, and objects of personal meaning. It is an exchange of energy.

For portraits, I look for quiet moments in thought~ the brief break before we interact with the world, because all people want to be seen and heard.

My goal is to find that space.

Through still life, there is significance with seemingly random objects. Nothing is an accident.

I received my B.F.A. in Painting from Moore College of Art and Design. To further my studies, I completed the Advanced Fine Art Program at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia.

I currently live in Naples, Florida, where I teach and work in my gallery/studio.

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