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Shell Shocked Series

About Shell Shocked

About the series

Nautical Elegance

Nautical Elegance Oil on Linen, 2024 16x20" Framed Available. The graceful lines in this shell enhance the sculptural quality that nature serves us. This is one of my favorite from the series.


Unfurl Oil on panel, 10x20". 2023 Framed Available. Unfurl is another where I chose to focus on the sculptural aspect that nature provided. It is even further elevated with a gold gilded frame from PS Artframes. My instagram has a photo with frame.


Love Leaves A Mark Oil on Linen w/Metal leaf 12x12" Framed Available. When I found a shell with a heart shaped hole, I knew I had to paint it! Switching up my cooler toned backgrounds, I added a warm peach on this one. Includes warm brown floater frame.


Hope Shines Oil on prepared paper w/copper leaf, 11x14" 2023 Framed Available. Inspired by the concept of Kintsugi, I began adding metal leaf to the cracks in the shells. What you see here is copper.

Paper Shell

Paper Shell Oil on prepared paper, 19x25" 2023 Available.

Cracked Wing

Cracked Wing Oil on raised panel, 5x7" 2022 Framed Available. The first of the series, this small painting started my obsession with broken seashells. Includes grey frame.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass Oil on panel, 9x12" Framed. Available. I love the play of warm/cool pastel colors on the surface of the shell. Included is a slightly distressed white frame.

Shell Wings

Shell Wings Oil and metal leaf on Cradled Panel, 8x10" 2023 Available. Noticing the beauty in broken seashells, I paired some together to create "angel" wings. Inspired by the concept of Kintsugi, the "holes" are filled with gold leaf. The gold shimmers depending on the angle, so I did my best to photograph it,

Oil on prepared paper, 11x14" 2023 Available.

Escape Route

Escape Route Oil on Panel w/metal leaf, 16x20" 2023 Framed Available. I love the play of warm vs cool with this painting. The thin crack in the center is filled with copper leaf, inspired by the concept of Kintsugi.


Twisted Oil on Panel, 11x14" 2023 Framed Available. This is the first one with a neutral background. My aim was to represent the texture in the shell. Includes a dark wood handmade frame by PS Art Frames.

Textured Wings

Textured Wings Oil on aluminum panel, 12x16" 2023 Available.

Organic Opulence

Organic Opulence Oil and metal leaf on oil primed linen, 12x12" 2023 Framed Available. This shell really stood out nicely from the blue fabric, like a solitary wing against the sky. Inspired by the concept of Kintsugi, I added copper leaf to the "cracks" in the shell. It comes with a dark brown low-key floater frame.

Half Dollar

Half Dollar Oil on Prepared paper, 20x24" 2023 Available.

Half Wing

Private Collection.


Private Collection

Sleeping Shell

Sleeping Shell Oil on raised panel, 5x7" 2022 Available.


Private Collection


Private Collection


Private Collection.

Beach Wings

Private Collection.

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