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Purple Faerie

2022, Oil and pastel on Oil Paper. 12x16". Available;. The light on the model’s pale skin and her blonde hair gave her an ethereal quality that I had to paint. This piece combines oil paint and pastel, thus allowing me to combine both methods I love.

Ode To Joy

2022, Oil on Panel, 9x12". Available.


2022, Oil and Pastel on Oil Paper, 12x16" Available. SORELLE is a painting started before Hurricane Ian. When I returned to my studio over two weeks later, the flowers had died. This gave me the chance to draw over the paint with pastel, combining my love of drawing and painting.


Torn. 2022. Oil on Canvas, 8x10". Available.

Family of 5

2022, Oil and pastel on Oil paper. 12x16" Available. I’ll let you in on a secret: realist artists love painting pumpkins! You will see them all over Insta in the fall. I’m partial to white ones because of the cool bluish notes. I call this cluster, Family of 5.


2020. 2121, Oil on Panel, 6x9". Available. 2020 is a statement to the defining events of the year. I think we went into the year with such hope, but the realities of a pandemic, racism and sexism were all confronted. In my smaller world, I wanted to show the beauty and grace of a woman silenced. This is a small painting to match the oversized drawing of the same pose.

Not What I Thought You Were

Not What I Thought You Were. 2020. Oil on Linen, 12x16". Available. To the viewer, this is a simple still life. To me, it's a statement on how we make assumptions on things, only to learn otherwise.


Still 2019. Oil on panel. 8x10". Private Collection. Meditation. Introspection. These are themes in all my work, and caught in the small painting. Plus I love the colors.

The Soft Divide

The Soft Divide. 2020. Oil on linen, 14x16". Available.


Why? 2020, Oil on Linen, 12x16". Available. I love painting pumpkins, especially the white ones. I responded to the coolness of this, but it also made me ask the question: OK, I can render but why paint this?

She Has No Voice

She Has No Voice. 2018. Oil on Linen, 16x20". Finalist, 2018 Portrait Society of America's Members Only competition, Outside the Box category. Available. She Has No Voice represents the inability to speak up by feeling suppressed. The idea came around 2008, but I waited until my skills improved to work on it fully. While I still search for my artistic voice, I no longer wait to be asked to speak my truth. Around me are images of paintings I admire.


Gratitude 2017. Oil on Linen, 8x10". Available. Framed. The objects represent people I met during my student years, and the background is my scarf, enveloping them.

This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass. 2018. Oil on canvas, 18x24". Available. Unexpected events sneak up on us all the time. This is a reminder that all things pass.

Nancy Bea

Nancy Bea 2020. Egg Tempera on panel, 11x14". Available.


Wes. 2017. Oil on canvas, 16x20". Available.

Tissu Fou

Tissu Fou 2015. Oil on Linen, 10x13.

Sitting on the Edge of Uncertainty

Sitting on the Edge of Uncertainty. 2017/18. Oil on canvas, 16x22". Available.

Youth and Death are But a Moment Apart

Youth and Death are But a Moment Apart 2017. Oil on Linen, 14x20". Available. The child's horse on a stick against a skull, the symbol of death. The small medal represents achievement.

The Gap

The Gap. 2017. Oil on canvas, 17x24". Available. The Gap was named from the famous Ira Glass quote. The drawers contain objects representing aspects of me. I'll let the viewer decipher what they mean.

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