Online Class:


The Portrait in Charcoal: Simple to Complex, through Studio Incamminati will run 9 consecutive Tuesdays. Starting October 4, 2022. Link below to register.​

In-Person Classes:

Improve your paintings by drawing. I teach you how to see so you can make your artwork better.

Exercises are designed to improve your knowledge of values and light on form.

Fee: $60 per 3 hour class.

Fall 2022 classes will run on Tuesdays only: 9-12, or 1-4:

a) Morning class will be an atelier style drawing class designed to help you improve your skills. Materials used are charcoal and graphite.

b) Afternoon class will be mentorship-style, helping you push your own art ideas through a completed project. Materials are of your choosing.

I am also available for private online critiques or lessons via Zoom. 

Price: $55/hr, 2 hour minimum; can split into two or four sessions.

Email me for information:

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